Pilates Services Offered

  • Modern Pilates
  • Small Group Beginner / Pain Management Classes
  • Intermediate – Advanced Pilates Classes
  • Personal Training & Bespoke Exercise Programs

About me …

I first became interested in Pilates over twenty years ago. I had sustained a back injury during the birth of my first child, the injury was so severe that I had to have physiotherapy to learn how to walk again. Even after intensive physiotherapy and massage I still had a lot of pain, so I decided I had to do something to help myself! I discovered Pilates and quickly noticed if I did certain exercises regularly I could manage my pain much more effectively.

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I then decided to study exercise for the management of lower back pain and whilst attending this course I experienced what I refer to as an “episode” (this is where my back pain flares up and my spine becomes particularly painful and tender). I followed the exercises given to me, and after a couple days my back was a lot better.

I continued to exercise on a regular basis at the gym and when I was 40 I set a goal to run the Great North run, I recruited a personal trainer and that’s when exercise got serious for me! I completed the run in 2004, and afterwards I started to retrain as a Personal Trainer. By 2006 I was a fully qualified Personal Trainer and teaching 11 aerobic classes a week.

Does it work?

I fully believe that the right training coupled with complimentary treatments can allow you to minimise pain. I have found from personal experience that the appropriate exercises combined with Osteopathy treatments has helped no end, and today I am relatively pain free.”

My Qualifications

Level 4- Certificate in Exercise for the Management of Lower Back Pain

Level 3- Modern Pilates Instructor Including Modules In

  • Spinal Conditions
  • Diagnostic Pilates – The Spine
  • Diagnostic Pilates – Postural Assessment & Shoulder Stability
  • Diagnostic Pilates – Pelvis & Lower Limb
  • Pilates and Ageing
  • Neurological Pilates
  • Pre & post-Natal Pilates

Level 3-Personal Trainer

Level 4-Registered Exercise Professional (REPs)

Wright Foundation Exercise Referral

In 2010 my back was starting to trouble me again, it was particularly bad when I rested, yet moving was also painful, I also found it was effecting my sleep. I took additional courses in exercise for the management of lower back pain and Modern Pilates.