Is Pilates for me?

Do you suffer with back pain and poor flexibility? Does it affect your sleep, social life, mood, weight and self-esteem? If you answered yes to any of these statements then there is a good chance that you will benefit greatly from Pilates sessions.

It is well documented that half of the adult population suffer from lower back pain at some point in the course of a year. There are many factors that cause lower back pain; for example carrying loads, playing sports and many normal activities such as bending, twisting or sitting for too long.

Back Pain – the result of the modern lifestyle

I have found through working with people suffering from lower back pain, that in many cases there is a faulty recruitment of muscles affecting the lower back. What’s more, research has shown a decrease in the activity of our core muscles and an increase in the activation of other muscles such as the Hamstrings (back of thigh) and Rectus Abdominus (top layer of abs) alters the load distribution through the spine and pelvis, thus leading to various aches, strains and pains. These changes in muscle activity are prevalent in today’s society due to the changing lifestyles and activity patterns.

Learning to exercise the weak muscles and stretch tight muscles can help to bring great inner strength and reduce constant overloading and injury to the spine.

Pilates is for everyone!

Do not be fooled, just because Pilates can help people with pain and injuries it does not mean that all classes are easy! Advanced Pilates is a fantastic and energetic way to keep fit, loose weight and gain maximum core and inner strength. Most professional athletes do Pilates exercises as part of their regular exercise regimes.

If you have an existing injury we recommend you undertake Pilates with caution until you have been properly assessed by a trained instructor or healthcare professional (such as an Osteopath).

Getting you started!

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