Muscle & Ligmental Sprains


Ankle Sprains

There are many ways to sprain the ankle and each can effect a different part of the ankle. The most common being the “inversion sprain”, (turning the ankle, rolling the ankle, twisted ankle). This is where the foot turns inwards and the outer part of the ankle gets sprained. This type of injury can tear the lateral ankle ligaments, strain the joint capsule around the ankle, jam some of the bones on the foot and ankle, tear muscles in the front/ outer part of the shin and occasionally fracture the ankle.

There are 4 levels of ligament damage (like with the knee) and the recovery time very much depends on the extent of the damage and how quickly the ankle is rehabilitated. Osteopathic rehabilitation consists of reducing the swelling and inflammation, breaking down incorrect scar tissue formation, mobilization of the foot and ankle, easing the muscular tears and strains, strengthening exercises to the foot and ankle and dietary supplements to speed up the healing process.