There are many causes of headache and during an osteopathic consultation our aim is to screen every person to find out the specific cause and classification of their individual headache. Osteopaths commonly see “cervico-genic” headache, this means a headache caused by problems in the neck, upper back or shoulder region. Muscular/ligamentous strains, trigger points in the muscles, locked and inflamed joints in the upper back and neck, whiplash, poor posture especially associated with desk / computer use and many more similar problems can all lead to this type of headache.

Cervico-genic headaches are often (but not exclusively) felt at the base of the skull and radiate over the scalp to the forehead and occasionally behind the eyes. They can be one sided or often on both sides and can be very regular in their frequency. By easing the strain in the upper back, shoulder and neck cervico-genic headaches can be greatly eased and often cease rapidly.

For other headache questions please ring for advise or speak to your GP as every headache can have a different origin and classification, therefore requiring different treatment. If your GP has already seen you and given you a clean bill of health and you are still suffering with no relief then we recommend that you contact the clinic to see if osteopathy can help you. Many people suffer unnecessarily for many years with headache when something none invasive and painless can be done to help.