Neck & Shoulder


Neck and Shoulder pain

Neck pain, aching and pains between the shoulder blades, headaches, stiff shoulder girdles, reduced neck mobility and muscular pains are all very common complaints osteopaths are very familiar with. They often arise from stiff and locked joints in the upper back and neck, rib dysfunction and chronically tight muscles around the shoulders.

These types of problems can be caused by road traffic accidents such as whiplash, long term overuse and strain due to heavy manual work, sedentary work habits (computer users), sporting activities, high levels of stress or sharp violent neck movements to list but a few.

These complaints are often eased following a course of osteopathy as we aim to restore normal biomechanics to the spinal joints and ease muscular tension. Advice about correct seating posture for those who have sedentary desk jobs or commute long distance is also very important in managing the condition.


Rotator Cuff Strains and Shoulder Pain

The rotator cuff muscles are a group of four very important muscles in the shoulder. They are the prime movers and dynamic stabilizers of a very mobile thus relatively unstable shoulder complex. Due to the high level of stress and strain the shoulders get through our lives it is common to strain and tear muscles, tendons, ligaments and the shoulder joint.

These type of injury often results in pain raising the arm, sometimes in one specific direction but often in multiple directions.

Other symptoms may include, weakness, stiffness, swelling, heat, nagging/burning pain. This can usually be treated by an osteopath along with advice on pain management and exercises rehabilitation.